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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a marketing consultant do?

A marketing consultant helps businesses create and implement the best strategies for reaching and obtaining customers. 


Do I need a marketing consultant?

Every business should have the basics of marketing in place - a brand, an identity, a website, and a social presence. If you are missing the foundational pieces, or don't know where to begin - reach out to us for a free discovery call.

For businesses that have the basics down but aren't seeing a return-on-investment, or want to dip their toes into new marketing techniques - we're here to serve you as well!


What types of businesses do you provide marketing services to?

From small "mom-and-pop" shops to large, international organizations - every business will benefit from having a marketing strategy in place.


We have worked with construction companies, restaurant owners, auto body shops, large government associations, and more.


How much involvement is required from the business?

Each business is unique - some have time to be more involved than others. Whether you want to be briefed on how things are going in a monthly meeting - or you want to be an administrator on all your accounts checking analytics daily - that is up to you! 

At a minimum, we meet with your stakeholders to have a discovery call and discuss your brand, identity, customers, vision, and goals - so we can plan the right marketing strategy for your unique needs.


Is hiring a marketing consultant affordable?

Our marketing services are affordable for any size business. We discuss what you're able to invest in your business and make a marketing plan that fits that sized amount. 


Does my business really need marketing?

People don't know what they don't know. If they can't find your business online when researching, they will go to one they can find (probably your competitor).


Putting your business where your customers are, is a fool-proof method to gain visibility and maintain the reputability you have now. 


How would I know if my marketing plan is working?

We keep you informed on every step of your marketing strategy journey. Marketing isn't something someone can just "do." It requires knowledge and expertise - checking campaigns daily, analyzing metrics, and tweaking details to make them perform.

To understand if a campaign is working, we look at the goal - is it to get more website traffic? to get more phone calls? to get more followers? Then, we analyze how that strategy is measuring up to our goal. Every campaign is different, and should be treated as such.

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